I am proud to be involved with the NKBA for decades, a board member for 7 years and now I am moving into a national position of Chapter Representative. Why I tell you this is because I am proud of what this association does and stands for. You the Homeowner and Professionals alike should, too.

So what does this mean to you?

Because of this Association we have thousands of Professionals who continue to educate themselves and learn from each other how to provide the best possible job for our clients. We continually meet with manufactures reps, attend seminars and the professionals who are lucky enough to attend KBIS (Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Show) get the learn all of the new products and trends coming to our markets. This continuing professional development and education that that happens from this NKBA involvement in turn can only help our Homeowners achieve better projects.

Now as we know all construction jobs have their snags but by choosing a NKBA professional to develop a project for your family you are almost guaranteeing the most professional and successful job possible!

“The road to success is always under construction.”