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Earthy and Natural Bathroom – Tranquility Achieved by Evo Design by Perry Michael Reinstein


Having previously worked with Perry Michael Reinstein, CKD of Evo Design Center before, when it came time to redesign their bathroom, these homeowners knew that Evo Design Center was the only place that could understand what they were looking for and give them a great outcome. After meeting with Reinstein and going through the details of what they were looking for, the challenge began. The space was larger but very irregular and poorly utilized. It housed a very small vanity, small shower, a shared closet and a huge oversized tub area that was never used. In the redesigned the space, Reinstein suggested using a small, freestanding tub, moving the shower to another part of the room and removing a dividing wall. This allowed the shower to be designed as a comfortable 4 foot by 6 foot space, enlarging the existing walk in closet and adding another 6 foot closet. The real center piece of the room is the 9 ½ foot long wall-hung vanity and makeup cabinetry. It features nine large drawers, three cabinets and a tall upper cabinet that houses everything that could possibly be needed and plenty of extra room to spare. The clients asked for and “earthy” and “fresh” feel using light and natural textures. With this direction, they chose to use a “metalwood” 12” x 24” tile throughout, sliced rock for the shower floor, quartz countertops with a lot of natural movement and a waterfall sing faucet. “The highlight was adding the ocean colored glass tiles and the Electric Mirrors to the space,” Reinstein exclaimed. “It gave the entire space a sense of calm and tranquility.